Our MLS Division provides ship chartering and technical management, principally for the offshore oil and gas as well as marine construction industries predominantly in the Middle East region, with expansion plans to include Africa and India.

Our marine logistics services are supported by our owned fleet of 22 vessels (including 2 vessels under Investments in Joint Operations) which comprise of 2 lift-boats (a.k.a. jack-up barges), 1 mid-sized DP2 PSV, 9 various AHTs, 4 maintenance utility vessels, 3 tugboats, 1 deck barge, 1 crew boat and 1 work utility vessel.

In addition to the vessels from our owned and managed fleet, we also cross-charter vessels from third parties to service contracts which are secured to serve the specific needs of our customers.  In relation to the oil and gas industry, we provide services supporting different phases of the exploration, construction and development, production and post-production of offshore oil and gas.

Our SRM Division provides afloat and drydock repair and maintenance services (supported by the workshop facilities at our premises at Hamriyah Free Zone) to customers in the shipping industry and for vessels utilized in our MLS division.   Our SRM division also provides steel fabrication works for the ship repairs industry including mobile drilling rigs.

We also extend full repair services to third party customers.
Type of Repair / Maintenance Services:

  • Mechanical work

  • Electrical works

  • Air-condition works

  • Steel works

  • Blasting and painting

  • Carpentry

We also work with other service providers in the offshore oil and gas business to bid for projects that leverage off the strength and core competencies of each business. As an illustration, Atlantic Ship Management LLC was involved in a consortium which was awarded a US$45.2 million project for the purchase and removal of decommissioned offshore and onshore facilities (the “Project”) in April 2017 by a Middle Eastern National Oil Company (“MENOC”).

In February 2018, the consortium completed mobilization, deployment of equipment, infrastructure setup and personnel for both the onshore and offshore phase of the Project.  Operational work on the onshore phase of the Project started in March 2018, and operational work on the offshore phase started in May 2018. Physical aspect of the work execution has concluded and closure of the Project is expected to be fully completed by end of June 2019.

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